Powerful Business Solution, with instant results
Multi-Purpose Business Tools
Check out many of Excelsoft powerful business applications that have helped thousands of people to progress in their core business.
Fixed Asset Pro16
Comprehensive Company Assets, Maintenance and Tracking
Starting from barcoding assets, recording value and asset life, Depreciation Calculation, Maintenance Record, up to asset tracking
Compliance with PSAK or IAS16. Free trial can be downloaded or access directly with our Cloud system.
INTEGRATED SCHOOL MANAGEMENT, with rapid implementation
Almost everything you need to run a school! Run instantly without complication
From student registration to billing system, from grading to secure pickup system, from school administration to library system are all here. Find it out for yourselves.
EXCELACC ERP, with rapid implementation
Design for instants results; No complicated road map; straightforward implementation
Why spends millions of dollars just to get your simple tasks going? ERP is much simpler than most people would think. See it for yourselves now!
Bio-X Face Recognition
Employee Attendance Faster and Accurate
Convenient for recording and managing employee attendance faster and accurate using Biometric technology "Face Recognition"
CLOUD COMPUTING (Simple, Easy and Fast)
Payroll System, Pajak PPh.21, Financial/Accounting System, ERP System, School System, Asset Management, Human Resource Management System, …
- Call Us For Free Tial
- No Need Installation (Software or Hardware)
- Self Pay Per Use (Monthly System)
- Practical and Easy to Use
Bio-X Touchless Attendance
- Free
- Available on Android and iOS
- Touchless Attendance (scan QRcode)
Attendance can be done by scanning the QRCode so employees do not need to touch the attendance tool.

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What We Do


We design and build both commercial and custom applications. Such as Cloud, Client-Server, Web Application, or Mobile. We provide IT consulting, application implementation services, special projects, infrastructure projects and all IT support.


Join our apps that you can access on the internet without installation, without expensive hardware, and annual maintenance. Get free trial by contacting our sales.


We provide high speed, high capacity, and superior quality connection both IIX and out. We have sub-sea Fiber optic from Jakarta to Singapore. Get special deal and free trial package with us.


HR & Payroll Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, IT Infrastructure and Application Service Provider. We also provide best quality assurance all our applications run smoothly and always updated.

Our Products
Excelsoft TaxCalc
Bio-X Time Attendance
Bio-X Face Recognition
Bio-X Touchless Attendance
HRMS & Payroll
Fixed Asset Pro.16

HRMS and Payroll

HRMS and Payroll is a system that will facilitate HRD in managing company human resources integrated directly with employee salary processing and pph 21 automatically


ExcelSoft®Tax Calculator or TaxCalc is a full-featured, yet easy-to-use payroll application that helps you to calculate and process employee salaries and income taxes (Income Tax 21), bank transfer automatically.

Bio-X Face Recognition

Bio-X Face Recognition is a combination of bio-metric technology (Face Recognition) and Excelsoft Time Attendance Application. The system has the capability not only recording but also managing employee's overtime.

Fixed Asset Pro 16

Manage, maintain, and calculate company's asset along with its transaction.

Who We Are

Company Overview

Excelsoft began not as one company, but as the efforts of many entrepreneurs who built their successful products and businesses with a sincere focus on their customers. Today, our company represents the culmination of that combined entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and vision.

For more than 25 years, Excelsoft products have assisted small to large-sized businesses with a wide range of business management applications and services. With roots reaching back to the 1990's, our company has grown and developed to meet the evolving needs of our customers through a combination of internal product development and acquisition.

Corporate Vision and Strategy

One of the most satisfying developments at Excelsoft is how we have pursued our vision to combine the individual strengths of multiple products and companies to create a single entity that has become one of the leading forces in helping small and large-sized businesses manage their growth and success.

As a company, we have grown through acquisition, selecting those companies and partners who most exemplify the innovative spirit, customer loyalty, and established products that our customers desire. Through acquisition we have developed a complement of products and services designed to meet specific needs within our selected industries.

Today, working in unison across all our products and markets, our employees, business partners, and advisors are tied by a common bond: simply, to help our customers succeed.

We are confident in achieving those successes for our customers and have developed a strategy to guide our efforts. With the support of our customers, and through the dedication of our employees and partners, I invite you to share in that vision.

Tjendra Kosim
President and CEO

Strategic Objectives

To bring our vision to life, our corporate strategy guides how we work with our customers, partners, and employees, how we serve our markets, how we grow our company, and how we achieve our financial goals

One Company, Few Right Strategis for All Customers and Partners

Excelsoft is a company of various products and services. Indeed, this quality is a key strength, as we can offer our customers a broad selection of applications most suited to their unique needs and industries.

Many of our products are well known by such recognizable brand names as Excelsoft Taxcalc, Excelsoft QuickPay, Excelsoft Personnel System, Excelsoft Payroll System, Excelsoft Recruitment System, Excelsoft Time Management, Excelsoft Hospitalization, Excelsoft Leave Management, Excelsoft Fix Asset Management, ExcelACC Financial & Accounting System, Excelsoft VAT/Admin. While maintaining these strong brand identities, we also want to make our company easy to work with, and allow our customers to communicate more easily with us across all business

Clear Market and Product Strategy

We have built our product direction through the involvement of our business partners, our advisors, and most important, our customers. Through ongoing discussions, we explore with our customers their needs, wants, and desires for applications that can help their businesses perform and grow.

From those discussions we have mapped a unique strategy that focuses on customer requirements. That strategy spans the business management needs of small to medium-sized businesses, and takes into account specific requirements of our selected vertical industries.

For emerging small businesses, we offer entry-level solutions that are suited to their requisite business activities. As those businesses flourish, they can integrate additional products-all from the Excelsoft family-to handle more personnel, expanding sales, and growing reporting requirements. In time, our customers can migrate to advanced Excelsoft solutions to keep pace with the more demanding requirements of accounting or customer relationship management.

Develop and Retain Employees

Many employees have joined Excelsoft through our company acquisitions. With these transactions, we have ensured that our acquired companies share a similar set of core values to help successfully merge cultures.

To the advantage of our customers, these employees bring new ideas, fresh perspectives, and solid experience in their respective products and industries. And because of our decentralized approach, we can leverage individual employee strengths and specialties across the company regardless of employee location.

In retaining these employees, and in attracting the best and the brightest, we offer :

  • · Career advancement to not only move up, but across the organization;
  • · Ability to leverage employee strengths and specialties, without relocation;
  • · Multiple avenues of communication to keep employees informed, from the CEO on through to front-line managers.

Consistently Achieve Financial Results

Excelsoft believes in investment-in people, in products, and in the markets we serve. By maintaining our profit and growth, we can invest in our customers' successes through continuous product development and a continuous understanding of our customers' needs.

We believe we are on the right path to success. With our strategic objectives, we have set a course that is yielding the results we want. Excelsoft now accounts for about 41 percent of all revenue of our existing clients referral. Our business with existing customers is driven by a broad range of established, market-leading products, services that encourage a loyal customer following, a clear product migration path, cross-sell opportunities, and a focus on serving the specific needs of vertical markets.

Our Strategy is Solid:

  • · We offer our customers products and services for the lives of their businesses;
  • · We can provide them with products that span the full range of business management needs;
  • · We offer migration paths for customers as their businesses grow;
  • · We are developing our vertical industry strengths, offering integration among our products and providing a common face to all our customers, regardless of their specific need or industry;
  • · We leverage employee strengths, companywide, across all product lines;
  • · We have built a solid network of professional business partners whose expertise and guidance our customers have come to rely on.

In sum, with our strategy we have positioned Excelsoft to achieve our mission in becoming the leading supplier of business management products and services to small and medium-sized businesses.

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Our Mission

To be the leading supplier of business management products and services to small and large-sized customers.

Our Vision

To become the best software engineering company that devoted to the needs, challenges and dreams of our customers.

Our Clients
Bank Of Chine
Universtitas Taruma Negara
Dai TV
Universal Music Group
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