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Multi-Purpose Business Tools
Check out many of Excelsoft powerful business applications that have helped thousands of people to progress in their core business.
Fixed Asset Pro16
Comprehensive Company Assets, Maintenance and Tracking
Starting from barcoding assets, recording value and asset life, Depreciation Calculation, Maintenance Record, up to asset tracking
Compliance with PSAK or IAS16. Free trial can be downloaded or access directly with our Cloud system.
INTEGRATED SCHOOL MANAGEMENT, with rapid implementation
Almost everything you need to run a school! Run instantly without complication
From student registration to billing system, from grading to secure pickup system, from school administration to library system are all here. Find it out for yourselves.
EXCELACC ERP, with rapid implementation
Design for instants results; No complicated road map; straightforward implementation
Why spends millions of dollars just to get your simple tasks going? ERP is much simpler than most people would think. See it for yourselves now!
Bio-X Face Recognition
Employee Attendance Faster and Accurate
Convenient for recording and managing employee attendance faster and accurate using Biometric technology "Face Recognition"
CLOUD COMPUTING (Simple, Easy and Fast)
Payroll System, Pajak PPh.21, Financial/Accounting System, ERP System, School System, Asset Management, Human Resource Management System, …
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- No Need Installation (Software or Hardware)
- Self Pay Per Use (Monthly System)
- Practical and Easy to Use

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Our apps can be tested instantly over the internet, without installation. HR & Payroll, Taxation, Bio-X Attendance, Fixed Asset, ExcelACC ERP, etc.

What We Do


We design and build both commercial and custom applications. Such as Cloud, Client-Server, Web Application, or Mobile. We provide IT consulting, application implementation services, special projects, infrastructure projects and all IT support.


Join our app running on the internet without installation. Can run from all over the world, without expensive hardware or OS investment. Get Free Trial by contacting our sales.


We provide high speed, high capacity, and superior quality connection both IIX and out. We have sub-sea Fiber optic from Jakarta to Singapore. Get special deal and free trial package with us.


HR & Payroll Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, IT Infrastructure and Application Service Provider. We also provide best quality assurance all our applications run smoothly and always updated.

Our Products
Bio-X Face Recognition
HRMS & Payroll
Fixed Asset Pro.16
Asset Tracker Pro
Excelsoft TaxCalc
ExcelAcc ERP

HRMS and Payroll

HRMS and Payroll is a system that will facilitate HRD in managing company human resources integrated directly with employee salary processing and pph 21 automatically


ExcelSoft®Tax Calculator or TaxCalc is a full-featured, yet easy-to-use payroll application that helps you to calculate and process employee salaries and income taxes (Income Tax 21), bank transfer, and so on automatically.

Bio-X Face Recognition

Bio-X Face Recognition is a combination of biometric technology (Face Recognition) and Excelsoft Time Attendance Application. The system has the capability of not only recording but also managing attendance using the facial recognition system.

Fixed Asset Pro 16

Manage and maintain complete track records of company's asset transaction history automatically systematically managed by the system.

Who We Are

Excelsoft Technology is a software engineering, consulting, and outsourcing firm dated back to 1993. We have assisted small to large-sized businesses with a wide range of business management applications and services successfully.

Throughout the years, Excelsoft has gained in-depth experience not only in design and build the applications, but also implementing the solutions to companies. Of course, it requires the right human approach to make such changes. Dealing with machine and application are relatively straightforward, but dealing with user (human) is, of course, a very dynamic affair.

Excelsoft believes that a successful implementation requires the right (1) Company policy, (2) Standard operating procedure, and (3) Manpower. Without these foundations, it is almost impossible for any best system to run successfully. Therefore, Excelsoft provides thorough consultancy to assist our clients in all aspects to ensure success.

Please find out more of our products and services, and let us know how we can help you today.

Our Philosophy

In our world, bring about what is good has never been easy; aiming what is best is even harder. Working Smart, Working Hard and being Perseverance are the key words to hang on to when it comes to introduce these new changes to our clients. The best technology and methodology alone will not be successful without the right personal approach and coaching. Finally, your success is our triumph.

Our Mission

To be the leading supplier of business management products and services to small and large-sized customers.

Our Vision

To become the best software engineering company that devoted to the needs, challenges and dreams of our customers.

Our Clients
Bank Of Chine
Universtitas Taruma Negara
Dai TV
Universal Music Group
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