Fixed Asset Pro16 Enterprise Edition

Fixed Asset Pro16 Enterprise Edition

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Fixed Asset Management System (Pro 16)

Enterprise Edition


What is in the Enterprise Edition?

Fixed Asset Enterprise Editionis the enhance version of our standard Fixed Asset Management System or Fixed Asset Pro16. There are many advantages in our Enterprise Edition that is not in other versions. This version is designed to suite the demand from medium to large organization where more complex features and functions are needed to enhance their work. If your organization has numerous assets with its complexity in managing the asset, then most likely you would need this version instead of the standard version. Or else, if the nature of your organizations comprise of large number of departments, numerous number of personnel in each department, numerous asset custodians, asset locations, or asset grouping, then you should you this version instead.

This version allows you to store asset data in the server (better and more secure than local PC) and being shared by many users but yet it can be controlled from single location.

Here are the lists of the major features in Enterprise Edition:

  • Client-Server
    Fixed Asset data can be installed in the server and share by many workstations.
  • Unlimited Concurrent Access
    Enterprise Edition comes with unlimited concurrent user access.
  • Fixed Asset Take
    It comes with function to allow you to perform fixed Asset take or fixed asset count. You can simply go to each location and scan the entire asset within that location. System will then automatically inform you over:
    • Missing asset, or
    • Dislocation asset: you can then have the option to automatically move the item to the current location, or physically relocate the asset back to its original location
  • Barcode Scanner
    Enterprise version might come  with a barcode scanner, depend on your location. For convenient, you can also purchase barcode scanner locally. We will provide the list of barcode brands which are compatible with our application
  • Print Barcode label (Printed not included)
    Barcode label comes with many forms where you can choose according to your company’s needs
  • Uploading using MS Excel
    Enterprise version provides a convenient uploading your existing fixed asset from MS Excel format. This process has been designed to be seems less. You can simply populate the excel format that has been provided by the system, fill-in any missing fields or table, then upload to the system. System has an intensive error checking built-in to ensure you have a good working uploading data.
  • Multiple Entities
    If you need to manage more than one entity/company from the same location, then you should definitely need this version.

What is the price for the Enterprise Edition?

The price for the enterprise edition is varying from country to country due to the support requirement. Nevertheless, we are trying our best to provide you with the lowest price possible. For the best quotation, please write to our or fill up inquiry form in our website at We might refer you to the closer sales location in your country to better serve you, such as local language and local support.


What is the hardware requirement?


For enterprise edition, it will be best to be installed in the server with MS windows 2003/2008. No specific hardware configuration required. If you follow the basic MS Windows 2003/2008 hardware configuration, it should work find. You would need about 100MB hard disk space. Any workstations running Windows XP/Vista/7 connected to Server via Local Area Network (LAN) should be sufficient.



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