Fixed Asset Pro.16

ExcelSoft® Fixed Asset Pro16 is designed to comprehensively manage, maintain, and control your business assets with easy navigation and intuitive control. This is simply a business application tool that every business must have. Everything is now at your fingertips! Easily record and keep track of your individual assets from its acquisition, depreciation, asset service requirements, historical service records, asset custodians, and warranty claims. Our product features a user-friendly environment and an easy-to-navigate TreeView. Users can easily group, sort and access the statuses of fixed assets with a single click.There is also a built-in integrated screen for easy access and viewing, complete with pictures and breakdowns of each category. It is fully compliant with International Accounting Standard under Property, Plant and Equipment (IAS16 - PPE).

Main Features
  • Complete recording of purchase prices and dates, service dates, warranty dates, asset classes, cost groups, custodians, vendors, departments, providers, photos, component breakdowns, tagging, etc. For tracking purposes, you can also tag an ID and a photo for asset breakdown.
  • Allows two depreciation methods for each asset, fiscal and calendar.
  • Compliance with International Accounting Standard (IAS16)
    Allows assignment of warranties, and tags for service maintenance
  • More than 100 pre-formatted reports are available for you to manage your assets. You can sort and group the reports in various ways before printing or downloading them into Microsoft Excel format for analysis.
  • Automatically creates journal entries for depreciation, asset disposal, asset revaluation, asset write-offs and asset transfers
  • Assets can be transferred, disposed, written-off, or revalued. The system will generate all standard journal entries, complete with account number. The system supports multiple-branch transfers, multiple entities, and multi-users.
  • Generates journal entries (user can setup journal account for general ledger interface purposes)
  • Asset Journal
    • Fixed Asset Journal
    • Monthly Asset Depreciation Journal
    • Monthly Asset Disposed Journal
    • Monthly Asset Revalued Journal
    • Monthly Asset WriteOff Journal
  • Future depreciation calculation
  • Yearly / Monthly Transactions
    • Asset Purchased
    • Monthly Asset Disposed Transaction
    • Monthly Asset Revalued Transaction
    • Monthly Asset WriteOff Transaction
  • Asset Summary
    • Asset Depreciation Summary
    • YTD Asset Depreciation Summary
    • Asset Purchase Summary
    • Asset Disposal Summary
    • Asset Revaluation Summary
    • Asset Write-off Summary
  • Asset History
  • Download any reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Uploading asset from Microsoft Excel
  • Many other comprehensive reports
Key Issues

Keep detailed records of historical transaction logs of your assets from the moment you bought them! Keep track when the asset is being revalued, disposed, transferred, or written-off.

Regardless of the number of transactions you made on each item, the system will automatically adjust and recalculate the subsequent depreciation seamlessly.

Create the summary of your assets in individual components. For example, if an asset was purchased in a set with a single value, but made up of a number separate items (For example: a sofa set).

Allows for flexible depreciation calculation with the option of two methods for a single asset (fiscal or commercial).

Categorize asset by group, class, and cost center. Other essential information can be thoroughly recorded, such as asset location, asset custodian, service provider, asset vendor, etc.

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