Bio-X Face Recognition

Easy and Practical solution for employees' attendance and overtime.

Introducing Bio-X Face Recognition. Plug and play solution and seamless calculation. No special hardware investment, no server requirement but yet global solution. Imagine that you have offices in 100 different sites with over 1000 employees but yet you can have a single click to check all locations for each and every employees' attendance. Checking from anywhere in the world 24/7. Face Recognition is absolutely replacing fingerprint.


Benefits that you can take by using this product

Plug and play solution

You simply install Bio-X Face Recognition at any place within your organization premises. Just simply put your camera within the face view of the passing-by employee. Bio-X FR will automatically detect the passing-by employee and record it as attendance record. Simple…!

Touch nothing, break nothing

Unlike fingerprint devices, where employees interact with them, Bio-X FR is only using cameras for attendance. The employees will not touch anything, such that nothing is broken due to human interaction.

No dedicated machine to operate

Unlike many other means of attendance, Bio-X device can be deployed using an existing desktop computer. You can use a built-in camera or HD webcam to operate. Any in-house IT staff should be able to fully maintain the operation because it does not have specialized equipment or devices. If anything breaks, IT guys can simply replace with a new one without having to wait for the device to be repaired.

Local Setting Global Access

Bio-X is designed to have a global view, meaning that every office or manufacturing location can simply setup its own Bio-X FR gates and then let the Bio-X FR automatically sync to ExcelSoft data center in the cloud. All of the attendance of every employee can be accessed through Bio-X management server in the Cloud. Regardless of where the employee’s original work place is, the same employee will be recognized globally throughout the organization.

Auto Synchronization

Any new employee joining the organization can be registered in any location. Nevertheless, this new data will automatically be propagated throughout all other gates. As the result, any employees will be recognized in all organization locations automatically without having the administrator to do extra. The same thing happens to the attendance data. All of the location data will be pulled to Bio-X FR Management Server. From these, HR or management can login and access all necessary reports. Or preferably, all of this information can be downloaded through Microsoft Excel for further use.

Fantastic Pricing and Investment

With Bio-X FR, you no longer need to invest in expensive dedicated devices, software licenses, monthly maintenance costs, server investments, and data centers. You can simply use our ASP (Application Service Provider) to perform the tasks by paying a small monthly fee. You operate and get the result, we do the rest. Our pricing already covers the cost of IT personnel that is taking care of the operation on the server. Our fee is less than the cost of one IT personnel per month. Fantastic…!

Data is secure

All of your data is secure in our data center. Should any of the station/gates breakdown, you can simply re-install and all of the data will be automatically synchronized again. This way, you won’t ever lose data. Furthermore, the operational down time can be minimized.

Expansion means global

With Bio-X current designed, you can imagine expansion seamlessly. Should you need a new workshop, new warehouse, new sites/location, new office, simply install it and operate. Within minutes, you are up online and all of your attendance has been taken care of.

Generate and print your own report

Bio-X reporting is flexible. You can either print any built-in report, or else you can extract the data and export it to Microsoft Excel for data analysis. This way, you can have any query, sorting and formatting of your desire.


Call us for free trial. For any qualified company we provide a full scale trial out for 1 month.

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