Bio-X Face Recognition

Finger print technology and Palm Reader has been outdated by newer Facial Recognition technology (FR). FR offers a much more superior feature for it is much faster, accurate, cheaper and practical. Finger Print device is subject to harsh treatment from users and the device Mean-Time-Before-Failure (MTBF) is relatively short while Palm Reader has been expensive to start with. Any tempered from outside to the sensitive sensor glass would degrade the device accuracy or ability to read. Other contributing factor is that our finger impression could sometimes faded due to injury, chemical exposure, health factors, etc.
Although that FR technology did not come easy and cheap in the R&D, it was made possible for today’s computer processing. It is therefore FR is pacing out Finger Print, magnetic, barcode, proximity, palm reader, etc.

Bio-X Face Recognition is combination of biometric Technology (Face Recognition) and Excelsoft Time Attendance Application. It has the abilities, not only recording but also managing the employees' attendance with face recognition system.


System Highlight

 Facial Recognition (FR) Superiority

FR superiority is clearly outstanding. From out test of 1200 employees in our database, the average detection time is only about 0.2 second per face. It means that single device, it can detect up to 30 – 40 employees per minutes. Compare to finger print technology, it is only about 4 - 6 finger per minute. FR technology is touch less, meaning that employees clock in without touching any device at all. Thus it takes away all the clumsiness and human motion to get to the device.


 Accuracy 100%

FR accuracy is also superior. It simply provides nothing but 100%. Our superior algorithm can differentiate between a person with or without glasses, or woman with excessive facial make up. The system has no trouble in detecting such person at all. Our test shown that person’s face is painted difference color or being cover at the lower part and with hat on, the system will still be able to detect so long that the facial is unhindered.

Cheaper Cost

FR is clearly cheaper cost for there is no device replacement. The only device is the camera. Yet, any ready available webcam would do the job. Should the computer breakdown, you no longer need to wait for the factory to ship the replacement part. Because it can be deployed using ordinary notebook or computer, any existing IT person can performance any maintenance well without the need for special training. The total cost of ownership is also cheap. Using any existing or inexpensive market-ready computer can do the job.


Ease of Use

FR ease of use is clearly outstanding. User hardly needs to perform any routine at all, such as downloading attendance data at the end of the day or week, manually updating new comer, deleting data (resign or revoke), etc. Excelsoft FR technology already provides all these functions automatically. In all advantage, Excelsoft FR works no only locally, but now you can have integrated attendance worldwide. It means that wherever your employees go, they will be recognized in every office. Any new employee only needs to be register in one location then it will be recognized in everywhere. As simple as that!


Lower Maintenance

What maintenance cost? Because employee is no longer touching anything, then there is no device can be broken down. The camera can be mounted behind the glass wall/windows. Should the computer breakdown, any IT guys can easily roll out the replacement without having to wait.


Always Online and link

Unlike many finger print device that you have to download the result at the end of the day, our Bio-X FR Management Software would perpetually provide the information for you online. It means that you don’t have to initiate the download at all. It can automatically stream up the data for you.


Multiple Branches/Location

Bio-X FR has been designed for global use. It means that now absenteeism is no longer a local office thing but it goes global. Should you have multiple branches, all of your branch office can recognize any of your employees from outside that branch as well. The system would automatically synchronize all the data from the head office to branch office. Any new registration would be replicate globally and the process is also automatically.


Register-Auto Replication

A new person is being register, it will automatically being replicate to all sites. It means that your employee now can go anywhere in your branch and check-in. All of these replication are done automatically by our FR Management System. You can schedule the link so that you don’t have to be online 24hrs through internet but only a certain minutes within the day. This way, it saves a lot of connection cost or a need for high speed connection cost.


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