Bio-X Touchless Attendance

Bio-X Touchless Attendance is a free mobile-based attendance application as our contribution during Covid19 pandemic. This app is designed to replace fingerprint attendance which is proven to be the source of spreading. Attendance is simply done by scanning the employee's handphone so that employee does not have to touch any device; therefore, it is safer during Covid19 pandemic. Employee were to download Bio-X Employee. The apps will generate QR Code that is good for attendance in the office. For employees those who cannot come to the office, our app also provides attendance using GPS location. This feature can be used by the employees who work outside from the office.

For deployment, it is very simple. Company only need to install Bio-X Clockin and place it around the entrance area. For employee, they simply download Bio-X employee and register. You are welcome to try it out and see how this app can help your organization.

Main Features

  • Free
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • For company: simply download Bio-X Clockin, install & register, create gates, and ready to use
  • For employee: simply download Bio-X Employee, install & register, ready to use
  • Touchless Attendance (scan QRcode)
  • Option available for clock in/out, lunch in/out, and overtime
  • Support multiple devices
  • Support attendace via GPS
  • Support attendace via scanning QRcode
  • Company registration can be done on application or website
  • Check attendance data report on website
  • Ability to register QRcode for employee
  • Ability to view historical attendance 
  • Auto synchronize data attendance
  • Recap of attendance data using QR Code
  • Recap of attendance data using GPS
  • Attendance data recap with details of clock-in and clock-out time
  • Employee overtime data recap
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