Integrated School System

Integrated School Management (ISM) is a comprehensive and 100% integrated School management system to help you in every aspect to run an entire school. It’s design to be a building block like so that you can choose the module(s) to be implemented at once, and then gradually add more modules to complete it. With ISM you would instantly achieve a complete collaboration between School Teachers, Administration, Head Master, Students, School/Parents, Accounting/Finance, School Procurement, and Public Relation.

Main Features
  • Complete accounting and financial system that complies with PSAK/IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
  • Provides an essential security and the safety for student by using biometric (Finger print) technology to ensure the authorized person and also ticketing system for fast pickup
  • Centralizes communication between school and parents/students via SMS. It also serves as centralized depository communication center
  • Centralizes all the documents (issued or received by the school)
  • Manage every manpower resources available from the process of recruitment, hired, career development, until performance appraisal
  • Roster / Schedule / Activity can be accessed at anytime
  • Assigned Teacher in charge of each subjects/activity
  • Produce report required by Diknas
  • Centralized school grading system and grade book for teachers. Each teacher can record any necessary scoring, such as homework, quiz, midterm, final, etc. Score will be directly tabulate to class report.
  • Complete Library management system (borrow & return) with deployment using barcode for both book ID and student ID.
  • Completely register each and every single assets that belong to the organization. Helps to track and record the history of every asset
  • Handle advance admission fee and tuition tee (yearly/monthly or lump sum with discount basis)
  • Automatic journaling: Upon transaction, Monthly/Yearly, upon termination
  • Handle Mass billing and payment via banking
  • School payment helps to collect payment from various methods, such as bank virtual account, cash payment, bank transfer, check, credit cards, etc. Proper journals also need to be generated at the precise timing to compliance with International Financial Standard Reporting (IFRS) or PSAK
  • Accounting/Financial System
  • Biometric School Pickup System
  • Communication System
  • Document Management
  • Human Resource Management System
  • School Academic System
  • School Grading System
  • School Library System
  • Fixed Asset Management System
  • School Billing System
  • School Payment System
  • iCare - The Professional School Care (SMS Gateway)
  • School Web FrontPage
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