Bio-X Time Attendance

Bio-X Time Attendace is combination of biometric Technology (Fingerprint) and Excelsoft Time Attendance Application. It has the abilities, not only recording but also managing the employees' attendance. Unlike most time attendance devices which can only record employee's present/attendance, it fails to deliver many basic needs, such as:

who is not in?, how many people are already in?, what is employees shift?, do I get overtime? What is my working schedule? etc.

Bio-X delievers all the answer above. In fact, we take the entire application to a newer level -- directly manage your attendance needs completely.

Main Features

  • Clock in and out through fingerprint devices.
  • Support unlimited shifts
  • Support unlimited user-defined overtime compensation
  • Support unlimited overtime increment
  • Allow auto detection of employees shift and schedule
  • Allow multiple attendance display in single LCD monitor.
  • Centralizes all the documents (issued or received by the school).
  • Ability to register as many fingers per employee.
  • Allow user-defined overtime calculation.
  • Automatic employee's overtime/meal/transport/shift allowances.
  • Allow manual adjustment.
  • On-line attendance monitoring per division/dept.
  • User-define and flexible shift and overtime calculation.
  • User-defined shift code, shift group, shift allowance, transport allowance, holiday, etc.
  • Two type of Overtime Instruction/Order: to ongoing employee and to upcoming employee.
  • Allow supervisor approval for any overtime deviation.
  • Employees Self Service facility to verify their own attendance records can calculation
  • Integrated seamlessly with TaxCalc® SME Payroll System, Excelsoft HRMS & Payroll System, and ExcelACC Business Solution.
System Highlight

  • Clock in and out through fingerprint devices.
  • High capacity, works with small business up to big scale of companies
  • Graphics features that allow you to do data analysis
  • Brings more solution to employee's attendance issues
  • Compliance with any payroll systems
  • No need specific IT skills to run the program
  • Search facility, make your job easier to find and edit data


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