iCare - SMS System

In today business world, taking a good care of the customer is not simply a priority but it is do or die. Any unhappy customer can easily click on the internet and find your competitor next door. This is the reality! Customer no longer has to depend on sole vendor but enjoying fierce competition. Customer has very little brands or products loyalty but more toward what the new products have to offer. The only difference between you and the guy next door might only how good your care to them.

So how to differentiate from others? iCare - the professional customer care. With iCare, you can set your own standard in term of customer touch. It is a revolutionary customer care that gives a difference touch to each customer that you encounter. Customers will feel that you are as close as a back seat passenger to take care of them.

Genaral Features

Instant Messaging / Fax / E-mail

Group Messsaging / Fax / E-mail

Schedule Messaging

  • Send Birthday Anniversary Greeting
  • Send Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • Complete Sent/Received/Fax/Email Log
  • Stored Unlimited Messages
  • Allows Password Protection
  • Support Bluetooth/IR/Direct Cable Connection(1)


  • Allows Multiple Appointments
  • Shares Appointment Book w/ Others
  • Up to 4 User-defined Reminder Message
  • Instance Appointment Query
  • Complete Appointment Reporting
  • Appointment Tracking
  • Check Appointment via SMS

Complete Message Gateway

  • Auto-Reply Capability
  • User-defined Incoming Message Upcode
  • Full Security Features
  • Access to External Programs
  • Connect to External Databases
  • Interface directly with Excelsoft HRMS
  • Programmable Interface
  • Reply via E-mail/Fax/SMS

Customer Queuing

  • Auto-Queuing Manager
  • Auto-Queuing Reminder (via SMS)
  • Customer Queuing Screen
  • Checking Queuing Status


  • Multi User Capability
  • Single or multiple mobile gateway
iCare Personal

Send a personal message, greeting, birthdays, anniversary, etc. to friends, associates, members, etc. without having to do anything. Let iCare takes care of it all. Imagine that the minutes you walk into the office, a birthday greeting to your subordinate or colleague will be automatically sent from your mobile phone. iCare system is smart enough to know that you have come into the proximity by sensing your mobile Bluetooth. Very simple yet very touch.
How about remembering your mother birthday? Your friends? With all the daily routine and hussle? No way. But with iCare personal, it doesn't have too. iCare shall remember them for you. It will send all the greetings for you automatically. If necessary, you can set it to be sent at 7:00am so that you will be the first one to greet them 'Happy birthday'. Sound good? Of course, maintaining a good relation is indeed a good thing.

iCare Corporate

iCare designed to serve as your corporate message gateway. Just like an email system, iCare provides additional Customer Care features to your entire corporation.

Regardless of your business nature, whether in Hospital, Car Dealership, Car workshop, Insurance company, restaurants, customer care, etc., iCare can become your professional customer care.

Instant Message Center

You can turn iCare become your instance message gateway. You can share certain information such as newest product, available inventory, delivery time, closest shop in town, available schedule, etc to be retrieved by your customers, salesperson, and alliance partners via their mobile phone. Now, it can be retrieved from anywhere in the world without login to internet but only via mobile phone. You can bring your organization into a complete difference level.

iCare message center allows you to interface directly with any back office system, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, ExcelACC, or any Oracle, AS400, DB2, SQL2000 databases. Yet all the security matters are well taken care of. You can set the security to allow only registered user to access, or with valid verification code, or subject to manager approval before sending, etc.

iCare Appointment

With iCare, you can remind customer of their appointment. User can set up to four workflow to ensure the customer be reminded of the appointment. The following is the sample customer care that you can use

1. The second after the appointment is set.
- Mr. Richard, your appointment with Dr. Howard is set on Tuesday, Aug 6, 2005 at 15:30 at Santec hospital. You can reach us at (515) 279-4500 from 7:00-21:00

2. One day before the appointment
- Mr. Richard, Dr. Howard is expecting you tomorrow at 15:30 at Santec Hospital.

3. Earlier in the morning at 7:00am.
- Dr. Howard is expecting you today at 15:30. For any assistant please call us at (515) 279-4500 at Santec Hospital.

4. One hour prior to the appointment
- Dr. Howard is waiting for you in an hour. Please don't forget to bring along your lab results.

iCare Instant Messaging

iCare allows you to send instance messaging not only via Short Message Services but also via fax or email. All combination are also allowed. With this way, you would never lose touch with your customer. Imagine that if the customer need to know if there are any new arrivals in your shop, he or she can simply SMS to iCare, and iCare will inform them directly without any assistant at anytime around the

iCare Instant Survey

How about launching a customer survey to rate the customer satisfaction? Sure it is an important feedback. However, without the right tools such as iCare, it can drain out all your resource and time. With iCare, you can sit back and relax. The system will launch by itself, receive all the feedback, and finally report the result to you. Wonderful? Yes, as simple as that.

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