Corporate Business Workflow

Excelsoft Business Workflow (EBW) is a product that helps your company to streamlines, automates and improves the efficiency of your business procedures.

Hints: Imagine if you can own your private Facebook for your corporate used?

As the world is moving towards the paperless office, EBW is a method allowing businesses to better comprehend their current needs and to establish future goals. The long-term objectives of EBW are those of reducing transaction costs and managing performance.

EBW generally necessitates the participation of:

  • Employees      whose everyday role includes the processing, handling and sharing of      documents.
  • Experts      with a vision of how the work should be done.
  • IT staff      with an understanding about how the vision could be translated into a      realistic solution.
  • A      facilitator whose role it is to manage the project and keep to specified      limits in time and expenditure.

EBW is a very powerful to perform organization essential tools, such as routing documents to different locations, securing approvals, scheduling, broadcasting news, survey, submitting documents, and generating reports.

Understanding such needs, Excelsoft provides such facility in secured Facebook like website where your company can perform the following tasks:

  • Instance notification of any tasks, such as document to be approved, company      meeting, upcoming events, etc.
  • Instance messages, such as messages from collage within the office, network,      vendor, or other controlled and authorized persons
  • Life Chat amount authorized and screamed personnel
  • Attached personal documents
  • Retrieve company forms
  • Linked to Employee Self Service

Linked to Excelsoft Employee Self Service (ESS). ESS is a solution that provides all employees’ core HR data, company information, news, forms, request in one integrated system. For more information, please check out our ESS through our website

For company, you will be in complete control for you have the administrator key to unlock many things, among them but not limited to the followings:

  • Company can make turn it to become a ‘private’ Facebook
  • Choose what to be connected and what should NOT
  • Limiting outsider connection where they could be viewed as ‘distracting’
  • Posting company newsletters, CEO letter, notification, and individual message
  • Request for survey to individual
  • Ask to sign up for particular events/activities
  • Post RSS news caps


Trial it and find out:

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